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Jakes Place Social Work Services, LLC

Where Hope Matters...

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Jakes Place Social Work Services, LLC Services
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Patsy Hoover, LCSW


Child and Family

Individual Therapy

Assistance provided for the following:


Behavioral Challenges

Stress/Coping Skills

Life Transitions




Child Abuse and Neglect



Animal-Assisted Interventions

Canine-Assisted Therapy
Equine-Assisted Therapy

Animals can help:

Create a calm and safe environment

Encourage trust

Be a buffer for highly stressful situations

Offer solace and comfort

Create a self-calming effect 

Offer emotional support through connection 

Provide a sense of acceptance.


Social Work Services

Stress Management Group
LCSW Supervision

Stress management groups can:

Let you know you are not struggling alone

Provide perspective

Help you learn from others' experiences

Nurture hope that things will get better

Let you support others

Create an accepting environment

LSCW Supervision:

I have over 30 years of experience in direct practice, supervision, and management working with children and families.  I enjoy supporting others who are growing in the social work field.  



Fees for Therapy

Session rate - $125

A session is generally 60 minutes. 
Payment is due at the time services are provided unless alternative arrangements have been agreed upon.



Medicaid is accepted.  No co-pay or payment is due at the time of service.

Other Services

Stress Management Groups
LCSW Supervision

Fees for stress management groups will vary depending on the type and size of the group.

They may be covered by Medicaid.  
LCSW supervision is $45 per hour and due at the time of service unless alternative payment arrangements have been agreed upon.


 About Me

I believe in hope.  It keeps us afloat, keeps us moving forward.  I believe in connection.  It keeps us balanced, knowing we are not in this alone.  Relationships matter.  We’re designed for them.  They can help us feel safe, and when we feel safe, we are on our way to becoming who we are meant to be.  It takes courage and humility.  And hope.  Always hope. 

I’m a social worker.  I love being a social worker - getting to experience the ups and downs of living life with others.  I consider it a privilege to be trusted with the painful times as well as the victories. 

I attended school at Texas A&M University and received a Bachelor’s in Recreation and Parks.  After working in a recreation program at a counseling agency, I decided to get a Master’s of Science in Social Work from the University of Texas at Austin.  I have spent the majority of my career working with children and families in the child protection system in Texas and Colorado.  It has been an honor to support children and parents in their stressful and challenging times.  

I am certified in Animal-Assisted Therapy, Activities, and Learning through Denver University.  Animals can have a significant role in our lives.  They are non-judgmental, supportive and honest.  They can help us be brave, calm and open to healing.  Ellie is my canine partner and is available to spend time with those who would like to know her.  If you prefer horses, that’s an option too.  Both Ellie and the horses are eager to participate in your healing process.  We look forward to meeting you.

Contact Information

If we can be of assistance, please send in your information below.  By providing your contact information, you are giving us your permission to contact you via the information provided.  All information provided is held confidential and will not be shared.


Thanks for submitting!

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